Hong Kong Barricades by Lele Saveri

A new publication by the photographer Lele Saveri offers a fascinating glimpse of makeshift barricades as tools of resistance. From the book description: “In October 2014, Lele Saveri was in Hong Kong when thousands of people, guided by a group of students, took to the streets to demonstrate against electoral reform: what would go down in history as the ‘Umbrella Revolution’ was underway. Saveri was there by chance, but he immediately realized that he was standing before a historic event. He moves through the streets, coming into contact with people, shooting photographs. The barricades, put up using temporary fencing and various objects, strike him in particular by virtue of their structure: they are the symbol of the determination and resistance of the demonstrators, the image of a protest which does not burn out in a single season but which is still alive today. Along with the text by Joshua Wong (leader of the movement, shortlisted for the Nobel Peace Prize 2017), the photographs gathered in this volume tell of the genesis of a struggle for democratization and emancipation, and more in general, against oppression.”

See more at Printed Matter; There is also an exhibition of the photographs on view at Triennale Milano.

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